Sunday, September 27, 2009

what a bloody journey

last night, at 2am, i had stomach acne, it was too bad, what the fucking wrong with me stomach, i feel terrible and unusual. i went to toilet several times, and sitting like a fool, while thinking of the undone audio video assignment. i've been busy. i feel like wanna scream. but i'd be like a little girl. i wanna be a man, don't wanna be a boy. so beat it. just beat it. then, tomorrow morning, i have a very long return journey to kl. welcome back to school! ;( so bad cause i don't make the holiday went very well. still having stomach acne. mother gave me very thick tea. to better me. but it wasn't working, just a little bit. this was because of wrong-eating. i didn't eat rice and my stomach empty, i only ate fried maggy and black pepper chicken chop. that was why the problem arise. i can't sleep. and during i was on the bus, i still having it. oh, my God, help me! try to sleep and to be a man. it was hard. then, when reaching tapah, the traffic was jam, so badly, we stuck. after that, arrived at kl. after 3 hours. not bad. from 7.30 - 11. that's more than 3! lol.

till then, tomorrow i'll having lectures. welcome back to school! :)

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