Saturday, September 26, 2009

Broken Heart

just now, i went to taiping sentral, with a friend, good friend. i went to watch tsunami movie. while waiting for the cinema to be shown, i walk around tesco, having some bored windows shopping, kinda bored, just looking around and watching people psychology. having chitchatting with my friend. then, when im going back to taiping sentral, which is just beside of the tesco, i watch her, we met by accident, she was with a man, a boyfriend of her, they were holding hands, she was smiling, im sad, she was the one i adore, she was the one i love, she was the one i like, but i was standing still, so dump, i feel like a loser, i missed the the time we went out together at zoo. we watch some animals, funny animals. well, maybe, she's not for me. i have to accept it. while watching her with that men, i can feel my heart is breaking, and now it is broken. i feel sad and just silent while going home, thinking of her, being with another man. im sad. please help me. i want her. i want her. maybe im not the one, maybe, she's too young. my two eyes were tearing some tears. till then. bye.

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