Friday, September 11, 2009

Fucking Hating Cigarette Smoke

What do I hate the most in my life?

One of the is cigarette smoke. Oh, it's very irritating. Blocking my nose to get very clean and fresh air. I can't stand it. I feel dizzy. I feel so fucked up. Especially people who smoke cheap cigarette, the smell .... Argh!!

So anyone, who want to smoke, please go away from me, don't come by near closely to me. Or, I'll move my ass. I don't know why people still smoke, is it because of addiction. Hm, try to stop it, you can save your money though! You can buy ticket for yourself or you mama for cinema. What a better time. So, during Ramadan, why don't you take this opportunity to stop smoking? This is high time my dear friends. :)

Another thing I don't like most is the smoke come out from bus! Oh, that's also horrible. Damn don't like it. If you like it, you can tell me why you like and in a shorter, you'll be in RIP. LOL.

People, what is the thing you don't like most?
Tell me, let's share. Write it down in the comments! :P


  1. all of our fren smike kan. ala cian appat.
    well yup cheap cigarette smell is so uweekkk~~