Thursday, September 10, 2009

TCE and WWW Quiz

Today, I wake up from bed to go to campus, to go to classes, so early today, unlike yesterday, class at 1.30pm. :P I was late about 10minutes to mandarin language class. i don't like mandarin. it's bored. :( but i have to learn and attend the class. or madam will warn me and mad on me. :D

i don't expect that i have english quiz today, i thought it was a joke. :D because last time madam lied on us. said that there was a quiz, but it was not. but this time, it's real. LOL. it's okay, i did very well. i got almost full. cool. love it. love it. then, i attend some talk, on ramadhan, from ustaz fadhil idk. haha. but it was nice. it reminded me about God. Oh, my God. thanks.

after that, i go to www quiz. haha. i was late. about 10 minutes, again. i answer the question with patient. i wasn't so hard. but it wasn't so easy. it just to take out what i read last night, i know the answer, but i don't know to explain it. :D i finally did it very well. idk how well. but it was well done. cool. hope i get good mark. i go back to home. i write on my blog. im bored. somebody help me!

hey, i wanna ask you, what you'd for fun ?
write in the comments below :P
this is it, till then.


  1. hey. not so hard and not so easy??
    ok2. appat dah bce xpe la.
    otak ku menjawab www dengan pening.
    tengok buku la. main passing2 lagi tau.
    y u came late to class yesterday??

    p/s:: what i do for fun ?
    hmmmm..just looking around and start acting crazy, then explore the internet. LOL. syok2.

  2. hehe. eda2. ske men internet. patot la on9 24 jam.
    bace la. skit2. tak bnyk sgt. sbab tu tak tau tu. tp boleh la skore ;) ngeeee