Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old Olden Days Kopitiam

it's been too long i havent go to hang out with friends at that place. miss the environment. old school kind of cafe. i love it. i bring my laptop together with. to online and do some business. love the crowd at here. this time, it's a little bit special. there are some shemale here! haha. they act like girls. the were in a gang. small gang. they're flexible. lol. they're another group. they watch television. football match. they're wooing. woo. woo. haha. but no goal strike. my friend's silent. busy with his farmville and drinking some sky juice after chicken chop dinner. while, there's a fat boy, wooing, woing to his father, he wants black pepper steak, but, his father wont want him to have it. maybe his father dont have money. pity him and his child. he, my friend, tip toeing into his nose. find some choral. speaking about choral. i miss her. i cant give her a choral. maybe that was why she stay away from me. till then, i have no mood writing. bye.

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