Sunday, September 6, 2009

Going out with a friend from France

I went out together with a friend from France, Khalid, we went to KLCC and Star Hill, again, KLCC, but with different friend, yeah kinda cool, he's my uncle's friend studying in France at La Rochelle, I wanna go the if I could, I want to visit Paris and see the culture and people out there. People, wait me there! :)

I took the bus to train station and go to KLCC, yeah, then we meet at KLCC and he said his wife's sick, so I have to accompany him to send his wife's first at the lodge. I walked from KLCC to Trekker Lodge in Bukit Bintang by crossing Pavilion. Well, I dont really know where he stay, so we use the map (it's a shamed! I don't even know my own place! aha) but he said, it's okay.

Then, we found the place after we lost, quite tired of walking, then suddenly her wife at the back screaming, I don't know why she screamed, oh, there's a snatch theft, WTF, then, he run to get him, but he couldn't. The snatcher was a Chinese, a young Chinese, he do the job alone. I feel sorry for him, it was weird, and unexpected, hate it. They should't snatch the foreigners' things. They can snatch theirself if they want to.

I go to police tourist center to make the report, and we found another 3 foreigners with the same case. WTF! I feel like closing my face. I think, the same thing happen around the world, they should be careful. Then, I send him to KLCC. I take train and go home with sad feeling, but luckily, there's no blood came out. Just the purse lost.

Till then, I'll write another day..

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