Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bersahur bersama Harun

Yesterday, I didn't sleep because I already sleept after maghrib, because I was so tired of the classes, I sleep until 10PM then I woke up, ah, I feel like crazy because my body doesn't feel very well and it's so hard to wake up from the magnet bed. I feel attracted to the bed but I can't because tomorrow I'll be having an animation quiz. Oh, that's why. As usual, I was online and promoting my business on MySpace. Yeah, kinda love business people. I wanna make it happen! Then, I study chapter 1 until chapter 4. As told to me, only that part will come out. That's a lot to cover though and it's bored reading page by page. I don't really like animation. I love watching it, but not in creating in. Maybe someday! :D

Since I already sleep just now, I can't sleep and I continue my job promoting, until 4AM. Then, I try to wake Aziim up, but he said, "Nanti la Patt, aku nak tidor lagi ni, malas la pulak nak pi sahor" , oh what the F! That's what usually happen, when I wake him up, he won't wake up, that's what he always said, then for the second time, I do it again, try to wake him up again at 4.30AM but he sleep still. Then, let him be, I go to my kitchen, and prepare some Maggy Goreng, haha, that's better than waiting him to wake up and eat somewhere outside, right ? =)

Then, Harun come by when I was preparing Maggy, :D he said, come join him, eat some rice and dishes, specially cooked by him. What a love! While letting Aziim with his dream, I eat with Harun and Kerol. What was the dishes? Em, salted-fish from Teregganu, Malayan omelette, Sambal Belacan Kemamam's Receipe and Petai Segaq! Sedap jugak aku makan. :P

Then, I thanked you to him and return to my bed, before that, I checked the friend requests and approve all of them and have a look at my Facebook. BORED.. I go to bed, and now only Aziim wake up, went out, I don't know where to, then when he return, he smoked some Red Pall Mall buds. It's smelly, really don't like it.

Yeah, okay, till then, I got a quiz to attend to. BYE :P

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