Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't Understand Mr. Sleep Still

Oh, deary me, my little friend, mr belly, i dont understand how could you sleep very tight, till you cannot wake even when i put alesana music on. what has gotten inside your belly brother? you ask me to wake you up, but instead you sleep still as you always do, since today's the last day im here, i was thinking, to go out, eat with you, somewhere. but, im broken-hearted. what a pity on him, i usually watch him from my bed, he sleeps like a chicken, just because to aware, for waking up for works. he's so funny. he's my clown. :D i don't have any idea how can i wake him up. i think just let him be, but that's not nice. well, what can i do after all my hardworking efforts? :D

i dont know, even he has two two alarm clocks set up, but he still like he is. i dont think he'll wake up even we're at war :D

ha, tell me how you wake up mr. sleep still? em, if any, one of your friend or relatives. etc.
write it down :)

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