Monday, December 14, 2009

Sky Friend

It's a rainy day out there. It's bored. I decided to write. I will write about something. It's a fact and myth, it could be both, True or false.

It's been a very long time we have been friends. From standard 1. We do stuff together. Ever since the childhood to adult. We happy. But I don't know him well. You and me, me and you, have been friends well. Everything change when we move. We enter college. Together. From the town, to another town. I wish I can know him better earlier. All the friends, we stay together, play, laugh, share.

Everything change when this night happen. I told him not to switch it off. But he was deaf. I was really good that I lost $70. Big money in Ringgit. I scolded. He touched. What the fuck. Then he tell about the badness. The badness, not the goodness. Everything about it. To everybody. All badness. All bad ass. What happened? Reputation to protect. He tell, he planned to all fucker, to take away everything. I happened.

Really good, I know him. He was all about a backstabber. Telling a fat guy to slim, but he is fat. Shit. Plus, a someone who never tell truth. I lost by the count. Telling everybody about myth. It's okay. Someday, the judgment will take place. Are you illiterate nigga? You cannot read between the lines. In the Bible, it says, what goes around, come around. It's just the matter of time. Late or fast. Wish you'll be punished very well. Thank God.

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