Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I miss You!

just now, kud*n came, a very nice and old friend, ever since i was form two in ke. he came all the way out from ipoh just to meet me, that's great! waking me up at 10am, the time i dont usually open my eyes, yet. ha ha. it's okay, for the best friend. cool. we go to school, taking a certificate, then having a little trip around the goddamn old school. it's bad, a lot of changes, i feel semak. ah. no good. we talk about the bad things we did. all the things happen in the past in the school. a lot of memory. next, we boggy around taiping town, a little changes experience by him, a new hotel, new buildings, and a lot more. we go to eat, then and we talk a lot. miss him a lot. ha ha. we go to pakt*m's house, take him and we go to tm college, they play takraw, but i dont. i am kaki bangku. ha ha. i don't do sport. bad. meet plenty of other friend, they kinda miss me. they watch my new hair :D the afro. whoot whoot. love it. i am barai! kinda not enough sleep. a very tired day, go to mamak then. when arrive at my house, taking my brothers and sister + 3 cousins to hot spring pool in changkat. cool though, i play with hot water. very-very hot. and i feel more energetic! then, come back to house and online. bored.

okay, then. bye.

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