Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bored Bored Bored

It's been a long time I haven't write on this purple blog. Too lazy to write and lots of thing to be done. How am I doing? Bored and lazy. LMAO! My holiday is more about sleeping, online, eating and watching movies. Too lazy to go out and have no friends around, they I had, they're running out of money. Pity me! I spend the time with family, loving my family more and more. My sisters, my brothers they're all here except someone. He's on something. During the holiday I feel like to work, when it's too bored, I feel like I want to return to my tall campus. When at the campus, I feel like I want to go back home. Duh, I'm not a grateful son. HA HA.

Hari Raya Aidil Adha was never the same of the previous. I spend more time with relatives, talking with them and eat! Ha Ha. I'm good at eating, but I'm still skinny skeleton. I love it. Eating during making me feel thirsty and hot, subsequently making me sleepy and then sleep. Ha ha. The holiday is about one month and a half, but only one month left. I've been thinking to work, but no more at Legend Cafe. Ah, it's bored. No, there are some of the staffs, but some of them really good. I think I want to work at Photo Shop or Advertising company. Which one is do you think better for me. Nah, it's good to be at photo shop. Chill. But it's all about waking early in the morning. I don't think I can as I watch movie and hanging out on myspace and sleep at 5AM. Then, I wake up at 2PM. How can I wake up early. I can't go seeking job afternoon, it's not good impression at all. I can't probably get the job. I want to work, but there's still not enough confidence in my heart. Probably, I'm just worried and unusual, it's weird!

Online at MySpace was never like before anymore. Lots of new people. Growing up new kids. It's bored keep answering same question and asking away same quote. Duh. I better do some stuff, collecting some money from Internet business. Right? :)

I tried lots of thing, but they're not working very well. Damn it. Then, I feel lazy and give up to try it more. Maybe when I fell like I want to try, I will. Till then, I will write more some other time. Bye.

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