Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Expansive Tea

I'm writing this on my bed. Kinda bored and slutty. I just wondering what happened to you. You have changed a lot. Your personality, your friends, your speech, your place of interest, you badass-ness, almost everything. In women, you changed your taste in them. You love women in blonde hair, high heel and sexy. I don't know why, maybe you watch a lot of porn, then you try to get something like that, really rare and beauty stuff. I meant it in future. You love naughty, cute and bad girl. You can get better girl, but you're such a lazy brat to find one. You kind of person who wait for true love. Ha ha. That's funny, though you're a guy. About food, you don't eat cheap food, mean kinda oily or food bought from stall. That's really a good thing. But don't be too choosy, you've to remember where you from. Your laziness has gone real bad till you're so lazy to wake up. You sleep till 5PM. Sleep at 9AM. Ah, so unnatural. You think you were born on the earth to be rich guy and be a lucky person and deserve all the best thing in the world. Ah, maybe you'll get it all. People change. They no longer want poor people. Always want the rich. So bad to be poor. Love to have love. But, you, yourself do not want to try staring any new relationship. In study, you've try so hard, you don't really score. Maybe, there's no luck. Duh. I think it's all because the doggone kills the bean. Get new friends, new life and new world. Don't be so unkind. Living in the same roof all the time, like a frog under the bridge. Ah, so close minded. You should go away and go on the new life. Better your self. Leave all those things behind. They're nothing for you. You're too good to be a loser. You can try delete all the songs you ever heard together. Find new songs. Try to forget them. Find new. Thank God, I manage to do it!

Till then. Dirty Ice Cream. Ha ha.

I think you're changing for good thing. You're choosing as you have taste. Xo.

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