Monday, December 21, 2009

Lost World of Tambun

just now, i went to lost world of tambun, ipoh. i've the second time i go there, after a very long time, it was during the school when i go there for the very first time. got lots of changes, nice places and added some zoo and other things. so malas lah to mention. go by car with four friends. feels so good. watching people in swimsuit. big pervert huh? ha ha. supposed to go at 10, but we go at 12.30. haha. we ate at mac donald when we arrive at ipoh, then continue the journey. we arrive. lots of people. full parking. so stupid, the bus did't know how to park well. experiencing feeding birds and fishes. having a wavy boat on wave. cool. cute guys, cute girls. unfortunate, didn't try all the thing. most time spend on watching people in bikini at hot springs. my body got so hot. we move out at 7 after taking some photos. love it.

sure to make the way again, next time. bye.

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