Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T1 and T3 Internet Connections

T1 and T3 are both examples of high-speed telephone lines. Both of them may be used to provide broadband internet access. Technically, a T1 connection is a fiber-optic or copper line that is separate from the regular phone line. However, the T1 line can be used for both broadband Internet access in addition to phone purposes.

T1 and T3 lines are commonly used by businesses because they offer very fast data transfer rates. This is appealing to businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data each day. Additionally, T lines provide very reliable forms of Internet access, with “always on” capability and very few incidences of lost Internet connections. In terms of speed, T1 lines operate at 1.5 Mbps, and T3 lines operate at 44.6 Mbps. In other words, T3 lines are about 30 times faster than T1. These high speeds are very useful for heavy Internet traffic situations as well as for situations in which a network must be accessed by a larger number of users. A T1 line operating at full capacity can accommodate up to 24 users working at 64 Kbps.

Businesses that require very fast broadband Internet connections will appreciate T3 lines as they are among the fastest connections available today. T3 lines offer enough bandwidth to host multiple high-traffic web sites as well as “always on” access for organizations, schools and other groups that require hosting for high-volume web sites.

T line broadband Internet connections are very widely used and are available in almost every region. These broadband Internet connections are currently among the most common way that companies connect their LAN to the rest of the world.

While the majority of everyday Internet users will not require the benefits that T1 and T3 broadband Internet connections provide, both of these connections do allow businesses with multiple users to talk on the phone and use the Internet at the same time using the same phone line. Also, multiple users can download files at a very fast speed. In addition to very fast Internet access, very high bandwidth and reliability, T1 and T3 connections also offer increased security.

In terms of cost, T1 and T3 are definitely premium services, so they can be a bit pricey. You’ll pay more for these connections than you will for standard cable or DSL. However, what you’re getting in return is an extremely high-quality, state-of-the-art communications service. Productivity can easily increase as well and broadband Internet access will be extremely fast and easy to use.

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