Sunday, March 14, 2010

20 First Date Dating Tips

1) Flirt a lot. Be playful.

2) Tease her a lot and act like a challenge.

3) Stay in control and lead the date.

3) Avoid talking about politics, religion, and controversial topics.

4) Give her your full attention. Don’t check out other women.

5) Make good eye contact.

6) Have strong body language.

7) Don’t talk about your past relationships, and change topics when she talks about her past relationships.

8) Act positive and optimistic.

9) Don’t make offensive jokes.

10) Don’t act needy or kiss her ass.

11) Compliment her a little, but not too much. Remain a challenge.

12) Be on time.

13) Play it cool.

14) Don’t get drunk. Seriously.

15) Dress well and groom yourself before you see her.

16) Give her a big hug as soon as you meet her. Why? A little physical touching right off the bat can be a
good start!

17) Keep advancing in a subtle manner. Holding her hand? See if you can get a kiss next, and so on.

18) Build rapport and have a stimulating conversation.

19) Act like a gentelman. Open doors and pull out chairs naturally.

20) Relax and have fun!

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  1. no 16 n 17 bleh dpt x agak2 utk y 1st time meet..huhuhuhu...:)