Friday, January 15, 2010

Sem IV

Howdy? :) How are you? I'm fine, and bored! Entering fourth semester kind of more challenging and hard. Tough assignments and harder subjects. But I love this semester as I don't have any mathematical subject and language subject etc Mandarin and Accouting. Expected to be hardest subject would be Database System. I don't like it, but I gotta learn it, in order to graduate. Ha ha. I am missing KL so much, since I have been in Taiping for about two months. Ha ha. Now, I am missing Taiping. LOL. It's a little challenge when this bloody moron came into my life this semester. Those morons with him are semak and kecoh. Kind of louzy and stinky people. Please avoid them. I want to avoid them as much as possible cause I just don't like them. Stink. Stink. Hey, let me tell you something. These people are being preachy, and acting nice. They're acting pious, but they go to night club and stuffs. I really don't like these "munafik" people. You want to do good things, then you're welcome to do so. The only thing i care is, when you are pride and as people to say "Wah, kau bagus la, alim ea." Nah, that's will make your good deeds go zero. Wasted, just like that. Till then about those bloody people.

This semester I will focus more on business and looking for parters in new state. Expectedl, I will get a partner from Putrajaya for developing my business. My Daddy already finished his website and I can promote through it. So people, if you wanna get involve, come on, I help you 24x7. Ha ha. Maximum income RM 3600 everyday. So imagine, how much you get for a month. That's RM 108 000. In 10 months solid, you be a new millionaire. Buy nice cars and have bigger house. I love to live my life to the fullest and drive cars till the wheels fall off. He he.

Okay, till them. See you later. Salam.

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